WaterLase *iPlus Laser System

Precious Smiles of Virginia now offers the most advanced laser technology, WaterLase *iPlus Laser system.

  • The first in the Springfield area.
  • The first pediatric Dentist in Fairfax County.

What are some major benefits of laser treatment?

  • Comfort

    • Since laser light is used to perform the procedure, you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed in the chair without the sound of the drill. Also, you’ll feel no pain from the drill’s vibration or heat generation. During cavity preparation laser precisely and selectively removes decayed tissue, leaving healthy tooth structure intact.

  • Less Anesthesia

    • For routine appointments or surgery, the need for anesthesia may be reduced or even eliminated, which is ideal for children. Further, you no longer have the numbness that comes with Novocain, so you can resume all activities immediately afterward.
  • Reduced Bleeding

    • Bleeding is minimized and the need for sutures all but eliminated. Laser also ensures sterilization of the treatment site. This is especially important for high-risk patients and seniors.
  • Short and Comfortable Healing

    • Post-operative pain, discomfort, and swelling are significantly reduced, as laser accuracy assures minimal trauma to nearby tissue, and faster overall recovery.
  • Oral Lesion Treatment

    • Laser offers instant relief from canker sores, aphtous ulcers, and herpetic lesions – reducing pain and post-operative sensitivity.
  • Laser Cosmetic Re-contouring

    • Laser gently corrects an uneven or “gummy smile”. It can be used in cases of gingival hyperplasia often seen with patients in braces.